Are You Feeling Extremely Sad?

Of course, there will be times in everybody's life where there will be disappointments and even great sadness. For example, if you don't get a job you wanted, that can be a huge disappointment. Losing a beloved family pet can feel like a family member died. But that pet can be replaced with another one, right?  On the other hand, maybe you have had a loss that seems unbearable. Maybe your spouse or one of your children passed away. Read More 

Looking for a New Line of Work? Why You Need a Career Coach

Looking for work isn't always an easy task for some people. Maybe you've been in your position for a long time and don't quite know where to start or you're just graduating from high school or college and are trying to find your calling. Whichever scenario you happen to be in, it's vital for you to know that there is help out there that can illuminate the trial. Hiring a career coach is a great way to find a new job position with a lot less stress. Read More 

Four Benefits Of Going To Counseling

In years past, the idea of going to an adult counseling service wasn't always viewed favorably. Thankfully, the climate has changed and rather than having a negative stigma attached to going to counseling, it is now viewed as a path to enlightenment. Here are four benefits of going to adult counseling. You Learn About Yourself Whatever the reason or reasons you decide to seek counseling, it's a very personalized experience. You may be struggling with anxiety or procrastination. Read More 

Worried You Might Have OCD? What You Should Know

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (also commonly referred to as OCD) is a mental health disorder that affects millions of people in the United States every year. Estimates put the percentage of men and women struggling with OCD at around one to just over two percent of the United States population. If you have been wondering whether or not you might have OCD, there are signs and symptoms that you can and should keep an eye out for. Read More 

Is Your Marriage Going Through A Rough Spot?

As you look at your wedding pictures do you remember when everything about your marriage was plain wonderful? Perhaps the time has come when you and your spouse are just not close anymore. It could be that one of you has disappointed the other in a big way, or it even might be that your lives are just going in totally different directions. If you have decided that you want to go back to the sweet days you used to share, from being rank with each other to seeking help from a Christian marriage counselor, here are some ideas that might help you to weather the storm when your marriage is going through a rough spot. Read More