Are You Feeling Extremely Sad?

Of course, there will be times in everybody's life where there will be disappointments and even great sadness. For example, if you don't get a job you wanted, that can be a huge disappointment. Losing a beloved family pet can feel like a family member died. But that pet can be replaced with another one, right? 

On the other hand, maybe you have had a loss that seems unbearable. Maybe your spouse or one of your children passed away. Or maybe you have placed a baby for adoption and the separation is much harder than you expected it to be. No matter why you are tremendously sad, perhaps you have realized that you are actually depressed. From things you can do yourself, to arranging for counseling for depression, here are some ideas that might help you through this difficult time in your life.

Things You Can Do - Even if you are not a gifted writer, consider writing a letter to the person whom you lost. In the case of a death, of course the deceased person won't actually receive the letter. If you have placed a baby for adoption, find out if the case worker can deliver the letter to the new parents so that it can be delivered to your baby when he or she is ready to read it.

Whether the letter you write is to a deceased person or to your baby who was placed for adoption, pour out your heart. Express your love and gratitude for the time, no matter how long, that you spent with the person to whom you are writing the letter. The nice part about writing a letter is that you will more than likely feel much better after having written words that have meaning to you. 

​Counseling For Depression - If writing a letter and other things haven't really helped, consider seeing a professional counselor. The ecclesiastic leader at your church might qualify for that service. Otherwise, he or she can more than likely recommend somebody who will help you. Your family doctor will also have names of counselors. 

Whether it's the ecclesiastic leader at your church, or whether it is another professional counselor, he or she will have the training and the experience to help you get through this extremely sad time of your life. Be very frank when you counsel with them. If you feel tremendous guilt about anything that is in your past life with the person you have lost, express that. If you have regrets, be open about those feelings, too. 

At first, you will probably see the counselor on a very regular basis. As time goes by, and if you see that you are feeling happier and more at peace, the sessions will probably be held only about once-a-month. You and your counselor can determine that together.