Is Your Marriage Going Through A Rough Spot?

As you look at your wedding pictures do you remember when everything about your marriage was plain wonderful? Perhaps the time has come when you and your spouse are just not close anymore. It could be that one of you has disappointed the other in a big way, or it even might be that your lives are just going in totally different directions. If you have decided that you want to go back to the sweet days you used to share, from being rank with each other to seeking help from a Christian marriage counselor, here are some ideas that might help you to weather the storm when your marriage is going through a rough spot. 

Communication - Remember the old statement where the wife complains  He just won't listen to me. That statement can go both ways, can't it? Before you and your spouse actually listen, though, there have to be frank spoken words. Can you be the one to initiate a frank discussion with your spouse? It may take swallowing your pride, but you taking the first step may save your marriage. Think about expressing good things first. For example, acknowledge positive things that your spouse has done, even thanking him or her for those actions. Express that you still love your spouse and that you are willing to work hard toward mending your relationship. If you are Christians, consider praying on bended knee with your spouse. The prayer might include words like, God, please help us to show each other the love that we feel or even, Please help us to regain the love that we no longer feel.

Counseling - If you have tried hard to mend the problems in your marriage by yourself, and you have not been successful, maybe a marriage counselor could help you. Again, if you are devout Christians, you more than likely would be most comfortable being counseled by an individual who shares your same values and beliefs. It could be your ecclesiastical leader that will counsel you. If he or she is not trained in marriage counseling, he or she will probably be able to refer you to a Christian counselor. The counselor will have the experience and the training to help you to go forward. Part of the counseling might involve actual assignments. For example, the counselor might assign you to have a regular date night away from your children.