3 Mistakes You Can Make As An Inventor

The invention process is more than coming up with a great idea and creating a product or service. All of your work will be in vain if you do not take steps to protect yourself. Part of protecting your invention is knowing what mistakes have hurt others in the past. Here are just a few you should avoid.  

Incorrectly Assuming Your Product Will Sell

One of the heartbreaks that you could face is that your product does not sell well. If it does not, all of the time, effort, and money you have put into the invention could seem like a wasted effort to you. There are no guarantees that a product will sell, but there is one important step you can take to increase the likelihood that you can find a market for your product.  

Researching the market helps you to understand what does and does not sell. You can use the market research to find your audience and focus on designing and building a product that will address a specific need or desire for that group. Targeting a certain group will increase your chances of success. 

Filing for a Patent Too Early

A logical method of protecting your invention is to file for a patent. However, if you file too early, you could run the risk of exposing yourself to infringement from others. If you have not fully developed your product, changes that are made to it will not be protected by the patent application you originally filed. To protect your invention, you would need to file for a new patent with the changes to the design.  

Filing for a new patent is a time consuming hassle that also requires additional funds. To avoid this, you could wait until your product has been fully designed and tested. If you have to make modifications, you have the freedom to do so without worrying about obtaining new patents.  

Failing to Seek Help When Needed

Throughout the process of creating your invention, there are a number of obstacles that could slow your progress. Fortunately, there are services available to help you handle many of the challenges you will face.  

For instance, an invention service can help with the patent process. The patent application is extensive and if it is not completed properly, you could experience delays. The invention service will help with the patent application so you can be sure your request is submitted at the appropriate time.