3 Ways To Avoid Growing Apart In Your Marriage

Divorce is something that occurs far too often with couples today, and it happens for a variety of reasons. One reason some couples decide to end their marriage is from growing apart. While newlywed couples are usually good at spending time with each other and getting to understand the other person, this is something that often fades over time. If you want to avoid divorce and prevent yourself from ending up in marriage counseling, you may want to take some steps right now in your marriage. Here are three tips that may help you and your spouse avoid growing apart from each other.

Develop A Hobby Together

Growing apart can happen if you and your spouse do not share any interests together. He may go and do his thing, and you may spend your free time doing the things you like. While there is nothing wrong with having your own interests, it is important to try to develop interests together, and you can do this by finding a hobby you both really enjoy.

This hobby could be any type of activity you both like, such as golfing or playing tennis, but it could also be something very different than this. Some couples enjoy trying wine or craft beer together, and they may spend time going to wineries or breweries together. Other couples may enjoy watching a certain genre of movies together or reading books and discussing them.

Finding things you both have in common and enjoy is a link that can be very helpful in keeping you close to each other.

Go On Date Nights

Another way to avoid growing apart from your spouse is to go on date nights regularly. This can be hard to do if you have young children, but it is something that is very important for a marriage. A date night offers a time to spend quality time with each other and no one else. Going with just your spouse eliminates distractions, and it offers a time for you and your spouse to talk to each other.

Date nights do not have to involve fancy restaurants or expensive tickets to a show. In fact, they do not necessarily have to cost any money. If your budget is tight, you could pack a picnic meal and head to a local park to enjoy your time together. If the weather is not nice, you could always just stop somewhere for coffee or tea. You should not skip date nights because of money. There is no need to do this if you can be creative and willing to just go out for something small to drink or eat.

Commit To Intimacy With Each Other

Many couples have trouble being intimate with each other, and this can occur for many reasons. The problem with this is that marriage is supposed to contain intimacy. Intimacy is one important factor that keeps a couple close, and it can be a huge source of pain for many couples.

If you and your spouse both want to make your marriage better, committing to intimacy can be helpful. To do this, spend time talking about it with your spouse. Let your spouse know that you want to meet his or her intimate needs, and let your spouse know what your needs are.

Intimacy includes sexual relations with your spouse, but this is not the only thing it involves. It also involves really getting to know your spouse and trying to understand him or her.

If you feel like you are already very distant from your spouse, you could always suggest seeking help from a marriage counselor. This is a great way to save a marriage and learn more about how to make your marriage better.