What Techniques Might Your Counselor Use to Address Sex Addiction?

If you suspect that you suffer from sex addiction, it is a good idea to see a counselor. They can help you come to terms with your addiction and employ tactics to be rid of your addictive behavior. But what tactics and techniques might they use in sex addiction counseling? Take a look: Identifying Your Triggers As with most addictions, sex addiction often involves triggers. These are events, emotions, or other situations that drive you to respond by engaging in the addictive behavior, which in your case is engaging in sexual acts. Read More 

Substance Abuse Treatment Services For Teenagers Struggling With Addiction

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can take hold when a person is young and impressionable. While some teenagers experiment with drugs or alcohol, others discover that they can't live without the substances. Continued abuse of drugs or alcohol leads to a need for teen substance abuse treatment. The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that almost 21% of high school seniors have stated they used marijuana in the last month, while 1 in 5 teenagers have abused prescription drugs. Read More 

Coaching Tips For Succeeding As A Female Entrepreneur

Women are becoming entrepreneurs at a rapid pace, reducing the gender disparity that once dominated the business world. Female empowerment is a vital component to success as a business owner, and coaching can provide women with the motivation and encouragement they need to grow as a business owner and make it in a competitive field. Female entrepreneur empowerment coaching is motivating, offering the support women need to continue to learn, network, and become a leader in their field. Read More 

Are You Feeling Extremely Sad?

Of course, there will be times in everybody's life where there will be disappointments and even great sadness. For example, if you don't get a job you wanted, that can be a huge disappointment. Losing a beloved family pet can feel like a family member died. But that pet can be replaced with another one, right?  On the other hand, maybe you have had a loss that seems unbearable. Maybe your spouse or one of your children passed away. Read More 

Looking for a New Line of Work? Why You Need a Career Coach

Looking for work isn't always an easy task for some people. Maybe you've been in your position for a long time and don't quite know where to start or you're just graduating from high school or college and are trying to find your calling. Whichever scenario you happen to be in, it's vital for you to know that there is help out there that can illuminate the trial. Hiring a career coach is a great way to find a new job position with a lot less stress. Read More