Who Can Benefit From Telehealth Counseling?

Telehealth counseling has changed how people access therapy options. People often wonder if telehealth therapy is the right choice for them. If your situation matches any of the following, you might want to explore this approach.

Rural Residents

People who live in rural regions often have less access to healthcare in general. Finding therapists in some places is close to impossible without driving for hours to distant communities. Consequently, residents of rural areas frequently gravitate toward telehealth counseling. Even in places that have limited connectivity and low internet speeds, you can conduct sessions over private and secure chat.

People with Mobility Issues

Physically getting to a therapist's office can also be a challenge. If you have notable mobility issues, it may be easier to do telehealth therapy sessions. Even if you don't have a properly equipped setup, many health plans will cover connectivity devices for people who require them to access care. You can log in and talk with a counselor by video or text chat. Likewise, if you need to send pictures or paperwork to a professional, there are upload options within the telehealth apps.

Socially Isolated Individuals

Some folks struggle to get to therapy because they may also have trouble going out in public. This can create a negative feedback loop where they feel worse because they can't access counseling, but they can't access counseling because they're struggling.

Fortunately, telehealth therapy provides a different approach. Socially isolated people can access care and make progress. They can then decide if they want to move forward with in-person therapy or continue sessions via telehealth systems.

Busy People

Not everyone has the time to meet with a counselor during normal office hours. While therapists may have some appointment flexibility, it can still be tough to schedule regular counseling sessions if your schedule doesn't line up with theirs. Parents, for example, often have to deal with both work and kids. They can benefit from scheduling sessions around their schedules.

Similarly, people in unusual work situations may want to try telehealth therapy. If you work on an oil rig at sea, for example, telehealth can offer an option. Many businesspeople and deployed military members can benefit from telehealth counseling, too.

Folks in Crisis

There are times when you need to talk to a counselor right now. A telehealth therapy platform typically provides access to professionals around the clock. If you need guidance but don't want to contact a crisis hotline, this is a good way to address your situation.