Learn How An Executive Coach Can Help Your Managers Know Everything They Need To Know In Order To Manage Your Business Well

As your business grows, you may need to assign people to help you manage your employees. It is important to make sure that the managers know how to handle many different situations in a positive way. A great way to ensure that things are handled properly is to have the managers go through an executive coaching class to learn everything they need to know. The following guide walks you through a few things the managers will learn during the coaching lessons.

Learn How to Handle Reports of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is something that should not be taken lightly. If someone reports that they are being sexually harassed by someone at work, it is important for the manager to know what to do to ensure the situation is handled properly. He or she cannot assume that the harassment is taking place and punish the person accused of harassment right away. An investigation will need to be done to ensure the harassment really is taking place and properly documented. The coaching will help the manager learn how to investigate the situation, document it, and determine what the repercussions should be.

Learn How to Handle Issues with Poor Work Performance

When someone starts to slack in their performance at work, the manager needs to know how to track the issues, report them, and monitor the performance in the future to see if any improvements are made. There are steps that an employer needs to take before they can fire someone for poor performance and the coach can help the manager learn what those steps are to make sure that everything is done properly before someone is fired for performing poorly.

Learn How to Handle Scheduling Issues that Arise

Managers are typically in charge of creating a schedule for the business. The coach can help the manager learn how to create a schedule and how to handle issues that arise. Someone may need to call in sick one day and the manager needs to know how to determine who has the availability to work. There are restrictions as to how many hours someone can work within a specific amount of time and the coach can ensure that the managers know that restrictions so that no one is scheduled for more time than they are legally allowed to work.

When you hire the coach, it is important to let them review what topics they will teach your managers before they start their coaching. This allows you to have them add anything or remove anything that needs to be added or reviewed.