Naturally Cope With Generalized Anxiety And Minimize Negative Feelings

If you suffer from generalized anxiety and would like to reduce the nervousness and feelings of unease that you often experience without resorting to prescription medication as a solution, the following tips will assist with naturally coping with the anxiety and minimizing negative feelings. 

Journaling And Counseling Sessions

Purchase a journal to write in whenever you are feeling uneasy. Writing down your thoughts and the situations that led up to the anxiety that you have been experiencing will help you gather insight as to what may trigger you to feel nervous and worried.

Make an appointment with a counselor who specializes in the treatment of anxiety. During your initial meeting, speak openly about your feelings so that the counselor clearly understands what you have been experiencing. A counselor will listen intently without criticizing you for your thoughts. At the end of your session, the counselor will provide feedback and may suggest coping mechanisms that involve counting slowly, breathing deeply, or switching activities if you are feeling anxious. Continue to meet with your counselor at regular intervals for as long as needed.

Meditation And Calming Music

Sign up for meditation classes at a local community center or practice meditating at home by watching instructional videos. Sit on a soft, exercise mat before beginning to meditate. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Practice breathing while your eyes are closed and concentrate on listening to yourself as you breathe or calming music that is being quietly played in the background.

If you feel at ease after your first meditation class and remain focused, participate in several classes each week to maximize the benefit. Once you learn how to meditate properly, you will be able to reduce negative feelings simply by practicing a few of the techniques that you have learned. 

Exercise Regime And Rewards For Participating In Activities

Exercising will increase your heartbeat and release endorphins in your brain, promoting a sense of well-being. Decide upon an activity that you would like to participate in. Start out slowly by remaining active for a short amount of time. As you gain practice, increase the amount of time that you remain active, especially if you feel better after each exercise session.

Reward yourself for remaining active by treating yourself to a new outfit, toiletry, or fragrance. The small gift that you purchase for yourself may help improve your self-esteem and may keep feelings of restlessness and nervousness at bay. Do you need additional help with anxiety treatment? Contact a counselor such as Timothy D. Berry, Ph.D.